Soft Wash / Algae Control

We offer all types of commercial external cleaning including our softwash Service. All of our team are highly trained, adhere to all health and safety guidelines and are supplied with the best personal protective equipment. Every project has a site specific risk assessment and method statement and we hold £5, 000, 000 Public Liability and £10, 000, 000 Employee Liability insurance. With our IPAF qualification we have the capability to take on the highest and most inaccessible projects.

Algae soft wash
Roof Algae Removal

Algae on buildings and roofs can make them look unsightly and is especially apparent in damp areas. This is most commonly seen on light coloured render.We  have invested heavily in state of the art softwashing equipment. Softwash differs from pressure washing in that we deliver a customised cleaning solution at “low pressure” for a whole range of surfaces, especially those that cannot be cleaned aggressively with high pressure water. This process also allows us to clean areas in very difficult to reach places including roofs, high walls and areas with limited access, with a specially blended mix to meet the demands of each project.


Green Algae

Green algae is the most common of the three and can be seen on many different materials, especially rendered walls. It is the easiest to remove with the softwash process and normally disappears instantly or within 24 hours depending on the type of application.

Red Algae

Red algae can take longer, between 1 and 3 weeks to be completely removed from surfaces such as render, but the process is still the same. The key to all softwashing is using the correct recipe and chemical for the material or environment.

Black Algae

Black algae (fungi) is by far the most difficult of the three to remove. This would normally involve agitation or scrubbing shortly after applying the chemical. It may also take much longer to completely disappear from render (up to 6 months) and may also need more than one application.