Residential Window Cleaning

We offer a domestic window cleaning service. Using the latest computerised scheduling system we operate a very strict timetable to ensure our customers have a reliable and efficient service. Our uniformed, experienced and friendly staff pride themselves on their high standards and customer relations, this coupled with our competitive pricing has proven to ensure our clients stay with us for all their external cleaning needs. Window cleaning in Dover, Deal, Sandwich, Folkestone and the surrounding villages of Kent.


We clean our windows using a state of the art pure water fed pole system capable of heights of 60’ or 5 storey properties, eliminating the need for ladders and enabling us to reach the highest and most awkwardly situated windows. These systems can be used all year round as they work fantastically in a large range of weather conditions. Our service includes the cleaning of all frames, sills, doors and glass as standard.

Domestic Window Cleaning

Pure Water System Explained.

Purified water, stored in our vans, is the end result of a purification process called “reverse osmosis”. This involves fresh water flowing at pressure through pre filters, into an RO membrane which produces water reading at around 010 parts per million (ppm) total dissolved solids (tds). De-ionisation resin is the final stage as the water passes through bringing the parts per million to 000 and now completely purifying the water.

Purified water means it has been completely stripped of all the natural minerals found in tap water, including any additives introduced at water treatment facilities. It can now be used as an environmentally friendly and completely natural cleaning agent, and without any impurities it breaks down any tough deposits and absorbs dirt and grime. Purified water dries with no smears and leaves windows remaining noticeably cleaner for longer. This allows us to extend our cleaning frequencies making a more affordable service for our customers.

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