Professional Gutter Clearance For Commercial & Residential Properties

Your properties external drainage system is responsible for dispersing large volumes of rainwater from your roof coverings and safely away from your property.

Blocked guttering and downpipes prevents the efficient flow of water and can result in costly repairs to your property through water ingress. Also an overlooked hazard especially in commercial guttering systems is the additional weight which can pose a potentially dangerous situation to the public, personnel or yourself. The additional weight can cause the failure of the supporting brackets resulting in sections of heavy guttering falling to the ground.

Gutter Clearance
High reach gutter clearance

Pure Cleaning Group have invested heavily in the very latest high reach gutter vacuum system complete with our Trade Mark Ce Roofcam for confirmation of works, our system is capable of reaching heights of 60’ or 5 storey properties all from the safety of the ground. Our high reach capability means that we can maintain a safe system of work at all times negating any need for working at height and the expense of alternative access systems

High reach gutter clearance

Preventative Planned Maintenance is a key element to all building management and from experience we know that costs of high reach gutter clearance can prevent these essential services being carried out. We pride ourselves in our professionalism and building knowledge allowing us to deal with most situations without the need for alternative access.

Our Process

  1. Risk assessments and method statements are completed prior to any works.
  2. We set up a safe area and cordon off as needed.
  3. Utilising our high reach Roofcam/survey camera we assess the guttering record imagery and identify the defects/blockages.
  4. Our wet & dry vacuum is powered by a generator therefore no need to use onsite power.
  5. High reach carbon poles are extended to the gutter line and using high suction all debris is hoovered through the system and taken away with us.
  6. Downpipes are cleared and tested using our air flow monitoring capability.
  7. Before and after imagery is available upon request.
  8. On completion we always give feedback to our clients of our findings.
High reach gutter clearance
High reach gutter clearance
High reach gutter clearance

Commercial quotations upon request, complete with Risk Assessments and Method Statements. All our commercial clients will receive our gold standard feedback process which includes links to our before and after images and a detailed feedback of our findings.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.